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I've Done A Lot In My Life, From Teaching English To Setting Up Networks. I can write an amazing Blog entry, spin up a Wordpress install, and create a Local Area Network as well as a Wide Area Network. Yeah, I'm a Chimera. Technology managed through the Humanities.
University of Northern Colorado

University of Northern Colorado

Associate Professor

"My Students learned how to think critically about the world around them. Unlike most English programs, I focused on Cultural Analysis and Critical Thinking to help my students enter a world that is quickly changing."

Vestas Logo

Vestas America

Technical Writer

"Working for Vestas America, I learned how to network across countries. The main office for Vestas is in Denmark. I edited documents created by Danish, Indian, and British writers to the company's standard English. The writing was technical and black and white, but I learned a lot about international networking via VPN's and multiple LANs."

FreeGeek Chicago

FreeGeek Chicago

Education Coordinator and Network Manager

"FreeGeek Chicago is a non-profit entity that provides low cost computers to the community, free lessons on how to work with computers, code Python, create webpages, and all sorts of IT subjects. I was responsible for creating classes about webpage creation, learning Linux, and creating WANs and LANs for the community. This was such a wonderful job."

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